Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blessed Yule to All that Celebrate!

I want to send warmest, heart filled blessings to all those that celebrate Yule / Winter Solstice.  May you and your family enjoy this wonderful time of the year.  Since I come from mostly Roman Catholic family, we celebrate Christmas every year as a family tradition, but I myself also celebrate Yule.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Tree

Past weekend my family and I went out to get our holiday tree.  Every year we go to the local tree farm and walk around until we find the right one.  Well, actually to be honest, we walk until I find the tree that speaks to me, lol.  My kids and husband usually make fun of me and know that the trip might be a long one and that they will probably find ten other trees they like before I pick the one that connects with me. This year was no different.

We set out in the early afternoon hours last Saturday.  It was the coldest day of the week so we had to layer up. I chose to wear my super warm and comfortable winter boots which are in no way gothy but kept my feet warm and I had no problems climbing over fallen trees, up small hills etc.  My husband bought these boots for me few years back as part of my snowmobiling outfit.  They are designed to keep feet warm even at -40 Celsius.  I've been thinking lately to look for something to decorate these boots and disguise their rather sporty look.  Some black furry boot covers of sorts maybe?

The tree looks very short and fat but it's an illusion because this is a big truck.  By the time the tree was in its stand with the star on the top it was almost at the ceiling.  We actually had to cut the bottom a bit.

I refused to participate in the usual holiday decor shopping mania this year and instead decided we needed more  hand made, natural decorations.  Earlier this fall my little girl and I went out and gathered some nice pine cones in thought of painting them and hanging them on the tree.

We also hanged some apples, cinnamon sticks, candy canes and with some plain bulbs and craft supplies we made some funny creatures for the tree.


Cinnamon sticks tied with festive ribbon

My daughter's pine cone hanging on the tree

I don't know what he is but he is adorable! :D

The family tree in it's full glory.  My little girl already put some presents under. :)
While we were out looking for a family tree, my little girl picked up a little wee tree to put up in her room.  It's still in the ground and in the spring we plan to plant it in our garden.

My little girl's tree.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Pretty Things and a New Found Love for Pink

As I was holiday shopping today, few pretty things happened to fall into my hands.  I'm usually good at avoiding unplanned purchases but today I had to cave in.  It all started with a pink lip liner.

I decided to try on a pink lip liner at Sephora and was surprised that it looked good.  I don't remember pink being flattering on me before, but that's probably because the last time I tried it on my hair was blonde.  With the dark hair, it looks rather interesting. 

The culprit that started it all: Sephora's Funky Fuchsia Lip Liner.  After that I had to see if I can find lipstick to match.

You guess it.  I found it.  Sephora Lip Attitude - Glamour, Poetic Pink.  Now if I could only find a perfect shade of pink for my nails.

 Bingo!  Arm Candy by O.P.I. for Sephora.  That will go great with my lips.

And just for fun and because I actually lost my last compact mirror, I pick out this one since it was on sale.  It's a pretty cool mirror, heavy, with this big purple jewel on the top and it opens like a pocket watch.  

Couple of extra purchases at Sephora which I don't have pictures of included a new blush and concealer.

Not far from Sephora I stumbled upon Forever 21 store where I found this interesting garment.  It's a lace, see through skirt, which can be worn over another skirt for added lace effect.  I had to have it. 

At Claire's I found these adorable skull earrings with white, pink or black bow depending on what your heart desire for the day.  This was another must have and fortunately for my wallet it was the last one of the day. 

And how did my holiday shopping went you might ask?  Very well actually.  Despite getting side tracked on make up, clothes and jewellery I managed to complete all that I planned for the day. :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Purchase: First Real Corset

Yes, I am a real corset virgin, never owned one, never tried one on before yesterday.  I've looked at them online many times but I never actually took a  plunge and ordered one.  I bought a corset like top from Hot Topic before Halloween if you remember but that was not the real deal as no lacing was involved and the corset was zipped up in the back.  As I was preparing my outfits for holidays this year I thought it would be awesome to be able to include a real corset.  I wanted a plain black for starters to go with everything in my warderobe.  I found one in my local goth vintage shop yesterday.

 This first pic is me having fun with the laces last night.  I've wanted to do that for so long!! :D I honestly thing every woman should try on a corset even if only once.... It's such an experience!

The second and third pics are what I'm wearing today:
Black and white lace top from Suzy Sheers
Black bolero from my local vintage shop
Black skirt with rose print from my local local vintage shop
My new Demonia Trump shoes from Sinister Soles
Living Dead Souls corset from my local goth vintage shop.

As you can see there is still a wide gap in the back.   With time and considering I still have 5-10 lbs to lose, this gap is going to get smaller but with a nice top underneath it looks rather beautiful.

Now that I have a corset for my holiday outfit, I can start searching for more.  Different styles and colors, under bust and over bust. I definitely need under bust corset next.  I'm interested in hearing your opinions of online corset stores.  Which one would you recommend?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Polka Dot Nails

I've wanted to have polka dot nails for a while now but didn't know exactly how could I pull it off.  I've tried using several different tiny brushes that I own but the results were never what I wanted.  Couple of weeks ago I noticed a Sally Hansen product in Walmart and I almost jumped for joy.  The nail art pen! It comes in several different colors and you can paint whatever your heart's desire on your nails.

 I decided to give it a try and so far I love it!  I bought two different colors: black and red.  For my first time I decided to do red polka dots on black OPI nail polish.  The look is quite dramatic as you can see.  

I really love the look of lime green with black and sadly I don't have any green in my wardrobe or cosmetics to do that.  I decided to start with nail polish and go on a hunt for that perfect shade of green that I envisioned.  To my surprise it wasn't that easy.  I guess Halloween is over and not all the stores carry bright lime green nail polish.  Walmart and Sally Hansen came to my rescue yet again although I'm not particularly thrilled with this green nail polish because the brush is unnecessarily big.  Somehow I managed to put it on rather neatly and with black polka dots the nails look fun and exactly what I wanted. 

When my daughter saw what I was doing with my nails she asked I do the same for her.  What's better than mother and daughter with matching nails?

There you go.. Funky polka dot nails for the nail art lover in you. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

My first Demonia shoes: Meet the Trumps

They finally arrived.  I ordered these shoes a while ago and last week they finally arrived.  There was a little hiccup in the order which resulted in my shipment being delayed but I'm glad they're here now.  Since I'm due for another outfit post I decided combine and show off my outfit and the shoes all in one. :)

First I have to say that the box they arrived in is absolutely gorgeous!  I could not ask for a better looking box.  My daughter right away asked if I would give it to her so she can store her various treasures in it. :D How could I have said no ?  If she didn't keep it I probably would.. he he.

Now that we have the box out of the way it's time for the shoes. These are Demonia Trump 101.  They are 2.5 inch heel on 1 inch platform.  I got them from Sinister Soles.  Let me tell you.  These are serious shoes.  They are NOT super high heel like many Demonia shoes feature, just because I'm 6 feet tall and don't like to wear anything over 3.5 inches.  They are serious shoes however.  They are big, chunky, hard and heavy and when I put them on I feel like I'm wearing hoofs.  No kidding, I love them, they are everything I love in a shoe.  The only negative thing I have to say is that initially they were very uncomfortable to wear without insoles.  Once I got the insoles, they are wonderful and after a week of use they are totally worn in.

The toe portion of the shoe is not round or square or pointy like most shoes.  It has a slight triangular shape which you can see in the pictures.  It looks unique and funky.  The buckles are a little pain to do every time you put the shoe on but it's totally worth it considering how good they look.

Gosh.. my face looks rough here.. but it's been a rough couple of weeks. :o  What I'm wearing here is my black La Chateau mini skirt, black sleeveless top from Zellers and a black lacy shrug I picked up at our local vintage store last week.  It has a button in the front but I like to keep it open, it feels more comfortable this way. On my legs I have black opaque tights from The Shoe Company and then of course the Trumps. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

November Show and Tell: A little Red and Black

First I would like to apologize for recent lack of posting.  Life got a little crazy and I've been given a challenge of dealing with some nasty viral bugs that insisted on invading our home.  Both my daughter and I are feeling a little under the weather but pushing forward. :)

Few days ago I decided to visit my favorite make up store Sephora for some much needed mascara replacement and some eye treatment cream.  While there I decided it's time to play with my nails again and picked up a gorgeous red nail polish to combine with my black shatter polish for this cool vampiric effect:

It looked and felt really cool in real life and I'll be definitely doing this again.

The bottom color is O.P.I. for Sephora "And a Cherry on Top"

 The top is O.P.I Black Shatter

New Moon

A while back I did a blog post about the Blue Moon which is a special kind of a Full Moon.  Today I want to write about the total opposite of the Full Moon which is the New Moon.  If you look out into the sky tonight you will not be able to see the Moon.  Even if the sky is crystal clear and you can see all the stars in the sky, the Moon will be absent from your view tonight and possibly tomorrow night.

Every month there are approximately three nights where the Moon is invisible from Earth.  That's due to the fact that the side of the Moon that is illuminated by the sun is not facing the Earth.  The Moon is still there, but we can't see it.  I find all of this fascinating.

As I was researching (I think I mentioned once about me being a philomath and my never ending thirst for knowledge) I found out that many cultures and religions pay attention to the lunar cycles and celebrate the New Moon:

- In Hindu calendar the New Moon is quite significant.  People wait for New Moon to start new projects.

- For Chinese the New Moon is of importance too. The Chinese make use of the lunar calendar which works according to the cycle of the moon. The New Moon represents the beginning of the month and the Full Moon is right in the middle of the month. Some Chinese Buddhists do not consume meat during the period of New Moon and  Full Moon.

- In Hebrew calendar, the New Moon is considered an important date and a minor holiday.  The Biblical month begins with the crescent New Moon which is also called The First Visible Sliver.  The Hebrew word for month (Hodesh) literally means New Moon.

- The New Moon is also of great significance in Wicca.  For Wiccans the New Moon signifies new beginnings, optimism, fresh starts, hope and faith.  It follows the waning phase of the Moon (when Moon "shrinks" in appearance) which is used for clearing, letting go, banishing negative energies and feelings, cleansing and releasing.

Above all the Moon is such a magical celestial body.  I always pay attention to which part of the lunar cycle we are in and I love taking few minutes at night to admire its beauty.  It is Earth's only known natural satellite, orbiting the Earth every 27.3 days and the fifth largest natural satellite in our Solar System.  In Latin it is called Luna.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday outfit: A little black dress :D

Strike the pose!! LOL Now.. I don't remember the last time I posed like that but let me tell you... it's been a long time.  I thought the outfit being girly and light totally warranted it.  Sometimes you just have to have fun!

This is a sleeveless dress that my daughter has picked up for me at the local vintage store.  I have to say she has the eye because it fits me perfectly.  I totally love this dress.  It's very comfortable and light and it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.  Perfect for running around... Underneath I'm wearing my black and white lace blouse which you've already seen here

 On my neck is the pendant I got only recently which I put onto a black suede cord and tied at the back of my neck with the bow.

Monday, November 14, 2011

How about a beret?

Ok, you've seen most of the pieces I'm wearing today but not all together at once and you haven't seen the beret.  In a way, it's a whole new outfit. I got the beret a while ago and didn't feel a need to wear it until today.  I have pinned it with two bow clips on either side of my head to make sure it stays in place.  Good thing too because it was crazy windy today! :D

The scarf matches my tights in color to the tee..  That's just pure fun! :D  On my neck, besides scarf, I'm wearing my purple amethyst necklace, which is my birthstone and which is special.

Here is a close up so you can see the bow. :D I love hats and when the weather gets colder I like to incorporate them into my outfits.

Update on the Sick Kitty

After five days of antibiotic treatment looks like Hercules is feeling better.  He's been getting up more, eating and drinking and today he even attempted to wash himself for the first time since he got sick!  Heck, he even played with a catnip toy!  I'm very excited to see these positive changes though his nose is looking very rough still.  Hopefully that will improve in the near future too...

Hercules on the window sill.. I'm very happy to see him interested in outside world again.. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Outfit - More velvet

I don't have words to describe how much I love vintage second hand shops.  I think it's becoming an addiction.  We have three vintage stores in the area and I make sure I visit each one of them every week.  I love going through the racks of clothing, discovering treasures.  Just like the outfit I'm showing you today.  I found it in a local vintage shop during the single visit.  With $4.99  for the top and $6.99 for the skirt, $12 outfit, how can you go wrong?

This is a velvet skirt with some lace peeking out from underneath.

I don't know how to explain in technical terms, but the bottom kind of flares out and it has an under-layer of lace sewn in.  It gives the skirt lovely, feminine shape and a bit of lace visible at the bottom makes it for interesting detail.

Blue Moon

Since tonight is a Full Moon, I thought it would be fun to make a post about it.  Specifically a Blue Moon..

Tonight's Full Moon

Have you ever heard an expression "Blue Moon"? Maybe someone had said "it happens once in a blue moon"... I've heard that numerous times but never knew what that meant.  I accepted it as one of those things that just were and didn't ask any questions.

Only recently I came across an explanation of what a Blue Moon actually is and I thought I would share it with everyone.

The expression Blue Moon refers to a Full Moon of a very special kind.  As we all know Full Moon occurs once a month, precisely, every 29.53 days.  That allows for 12 full moons per year or three full moons per season.  I have to add here that by seasons I mean the seasons of the tropical year namely  winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice and fall equinox. Approximately every 2.75 years there will be 13 full moons in a year and therefore one season will have four full moons instead of usual three.  The third moon of that season will then be called the Blue Moon and because the event is pretty rare a phrase "once in a blue moon" was adopted as interpretation of something uncommon.

You may ask why the third moon and not the fourth is named Blue Moon.  That's because each full moon in tropical year is already assigned variety of special names such as Moon before Yule, Moon after Yule, Corn Planting Moon, Death Moon, etc..  Each and every moon has to fall in it's assigned time.  To give you an example, the first moon of summer is called the Early Summer Moon, the second is called the Midsummer Moon, and the last is called the Late Summer Moon. When a season has four moons the third is called the blue moon so that the last can continue to be called the late moon.  Similarly, when the fall has four moons, the third one will be called the Blue Moon so that the last moon of the season can still be called Moon before Yule.

During second half of the twentieth century another definition of the Blue Moon has surfaced and it states that Blue Moon is the second full moon in the month.  That is actually incorrect and results from misinterpretation of the Maine Farmers' Almanac in the March 1946 Sky & Telescope magazine. This misinterpretation was corrected in 1999.

As to where the actual name Blue Moon came from, it appears that for centuries the extra moon was called the belewe moon which translated from Old English means "betrayer" or "blue".

Isn't all that interesting?  I have to add that tonight it's not a Blue Moon.  The next Blue Moon will happen on August 21, 2013 and the last one was on November 21st, 2010. 

I hope you enjoyed the post. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Outfit: Lacy blouse

I have to note something at the beginning on this post.. I saw an unusual number of tall women today, everywhere I went.  I'm a tall girl myself ( I'm 6' tall, yes I am), so I notice other tall women fast.  Today, everywhere I turned there was another lady I could look straight in the eye.  I have to say that felt rather good... :D

Now to today's outfit.  Somehow between my sick kitty and the vet visit I managed to pull off a half decent outfit and take a picture of it.  You have already seen this skirt but I don't think I ever posted this top before.  It's one of my favorites because it's all made out of black and white lace, it hugs the curves nicely and it's long.  Being a tall woman, I have issues with tops that are too short.  I usually wear this top with black or white skirt.

Black and white lace blouse - Suzy Sheer
Black skirt - Vintage shop
Black shoes - Walmart
Black fishnet arm warmers - Spirit Halloween (adorned with my own lace trim)

What you see on my neck is just an ordinary black ribbon which I tied in the back.  The necklace features an amethyst pendant (amethyst, being my zodiac birthstone, is very special to me) which I got only recently and already fell in love with.
What you can't see is that there is a black bow clip in my hair.. Looked really cute, too bad it's invisible. :)

Sick Kitty

Oh, what a day this was.

I woke up this morning to find my kitty Hercules in a bad shape.  He's been sleeping a lot yesterday, we heard him sneezing sometimes and then this morning his nose looked like he ran into cheese shredder: scabby, bloody and looking very, very tender.  I spent the last 3 hours at the vet where they tested him for variety of things including feline AIDS.

Everything came back negative which I'm so grateful for.  It appears that he's probably got some form of upper respiratory bacterial infection.  They put him on antibiotic for 30 days.

Funny thing.  I'm so used to my kids getting colds, flu, stomach aches etc.. normal stuff, I know what to do and how to help them.  When my kitty gets sick though, I freak out.  I don't know what to do to help him (except for taking him to vet of course) and I can't do anything to ease his pain.

He is on the couch now, in the little nook I made for him of super soft plush blanket.  I hope he gets better soon.

Hercules at the vet today.  I learned today that when cats are in pain they look through partially closed eyes just like what he is doing in the picture.

Monday, November 7, 2011

For the Love of Purple Part I

Another busy weekend went by in my house.  Weekends tend to be the busiest for me with family events, late movie nights and all.  Now that Monday rolled in, it's time to give some attention to my blog.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too! :)

I also would like to say WARMEST WELCOME to my new followers! I'm glad to have you on board and I hope you'll enjoy my posts. :)

Having said that, it's time to talk outfit... This outfit below is really all about the skirt I got recently.  Most of the skirts I own are either black or white and I've always wanted one with some purple in it.  To my utter delight I found this lovely plummish purple and black skirt at my local vintage shop.   To make things better it's made of crushed velvet and with its lovely texture and nice heaviness to it, no wonder it became my favorite long skirt! :)

Black blouse - Zellers
Black and purple skirt - Out of the Past vintage shop
Black fishnet tights - Walmart
Purple scarf - Dollarama (two bucks.. can't go wrong with that!)
Black high heel sandals - Transit (many moons ago)

Seriously, I could roll in this fabric all day long! :D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ah, those Polka Dots.. gotta have them

Second post of the day!  It's unheard of!  I guess I'm on the roll today.. he he

I wanted to share with you my outfit today because it was all about polka dots and I just had to give it some spotlight.  I bought this scarf a while ago but for some reason it never worked right for me until I got these thigh highs last week and a light bulb went over my head: black outfit with polka dot scarft and polka dot thigh highs!!

There you have it.. inverted polka dot duo.  It gave me a good feeling the whole day.

Polka dot scarf: H&M
Polka dot thigh highs: Out of the Past vintage store
Black blouse: The Shoe Company (people won't believe me that I found this blouse at the shoe store.. it has a little lace trim)
Black skirt: Vintage store
Black shoes: Walmart
Black fishnet arm warmers: Spirit Halloween (adorned with my own lace trim)
Black bead necklace: gift from my Mom