Thursday, October 20, 2011

First DIY Project - Lacy Arm Warmers Part 2

It's time to work some more on my arm warmers. You can see the first part of this project here.  I would be finished by now, but last night we had a wicked rain storm and lost the power for most of the night.. I would have still sewn by the candle light but my little girl was freaked out so we just went to bed.

Anyhow... I managed to attach my main lace and the filler to both arm warmers.

I used the jar to stretch the fabric as I was working because if I didn't, my hand wouldn't fit through once it was done.  Remember this is my first sawing DIY project?  Yes, well I didn't realize I needed to stretch at first and ended up ripping everything apart and starting from beginning.  Have to stretch tight fitting fabric first. :)

I also attached the smaller lace to the top of the arm warmer.  That gives it a nice finish at the top.

This is what they look like right now.  Tonight I'll be adding the bows and jewels and hopefully tomorrow I can model these for you. :)

Made the bows myself, not difficult to make at all.

Got the jewels at Fabricland.  They will make a perfect addition to these arm warmers.

I've been having so much fun making these, I'm already thinking of other styles I could do.  I'm definitely going to attempt making ones that are laced up.  I'm thinking of different fabrics and other colors I could add.


  1. Oh these are beautiful! I can't wait to see what they look like when you add the finishing touches. Well done on your patience, I started making a lace pair of gloves a few days back but I miscalculated a few things and gave up! I shall have to give the project a second look!

    Also are those jewelled crosses on your nails? Cause they're awesome!

  2. ohhh wow! i like these arm warmers! very beautiful! :D and i really love this bow! *O*

  3. Thank you both very much!!

    Rebecca - Yes, these are jeweled crosses on my nails. I will post a special pic of them in my final post on these arm warmers. :)