Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween everyone!

What a wonderful day and evening that was!  I hope everyone had a blast too.  Here are couple of pics of outfit and the pumpkin.  I was all dressed up from morning and didn't take it off until 10 pm.  Hey, I even vacuumed and tidied up the house in my outfit!  Fun, fun, fun. :)

Mr. LongFace


  1. What an awesome outfit! I spot your nice armwarmers! Hope you got a lot of visitors too to treat. We didn't got a single visitor but I suppose it was too dark for little children to walk the path to our house. I saw some adults with flashlights thoug, and perhaps we amused their dog walk with the lit up garden. We had a great party for the children on sunday.

  2. Wow, LOVE your outfit-you are the best kind of witch, a fun and pretty one! It's so obvious that you put a lot of work into this, and didn't just get a costume-in-a-bag!

  3. Gorgeous! Your outfit is beautiful and you look lovely! :) I'm not sure if you saw but I gave you the Gothic Blog award!