Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Red, red wine

I love red wine.

There was a time when I drank exclusively white wine but for a while now I'm hooked on red.  I just love the deep, rich flavor and the aroma.  My favorite way to end a busy day is to have a glass of red wine while watching a paranormal show or searching youtube for new alternative music.  Doing that relaxes me and helps me sleep better at night.  And don't worry, I don't drink the whole bottle, only half a glass or such. Just enough to relax but not enough to get tipsy. I know that moderation is the key.

I have a special goblet for my red wine ritual.  I've always liked drinking wine in dark goblets and I have a set of dark purple ones that I just love.  For a long time however, I wanted to own a black glass goblet and couldn't find one anywhere.  At the beginning of the Halloween season this year I finally spotted a black goblet that was perfect although quite pricey.  I got it at one of the card shops at the mall and it cost me just over $12 CA.

Because of it's price and because this is my all time favorite goblet, it sits in a special place in my office and no one but me uses it.  And what if it breaks one day, you ask?  That will be a sad day indeed.  I will cry a tear or two, wipe it away with a handkerchief and start searching for the new one.


  1. What a neat goblet! I've only tried wine once, when it was bought by a friend who is over 21, and I don't think that quick illicit sips are the best way to enjoy it-there needs to be a proper ritual, as you have! I can't wait until next semester when I'll be somewhere with reasonable drinking age laws (NZ)-it's crazy to think that I'll be two years over age there, but still have one year (ok, six months) left when I get back to the US!

  2. You are speaking my language. :) Half a glass of Merlot does wonders at the end of a stressful day. The new goblet is gorgeous!! May it have a long and happy life.

    PS: Thanks for your comment on my blog! :) Looking forward to reading more of yours. I like your writing style.

  3. Thank you for your comment Jamie! I've always wondered why US set their drinking age at 21.. Seems a bit extreme.

    VictorianKitty - You're most welcome! I love visiting your blog, your outfits are gorgeous! Thank you for your comment on mine.

  4. I freakin LOVE this goblet! And I agree with VictorianKitty, been loving your blog! :)