Saturday, October 15, 2011

The skirt, the chase, the victory

Yesterday's outfit was elegant.  Today I wanted it to have fun.  It was all about the skirt which I got yesterday at thrift store.  I had to work hard for it and here is the story.

I was at the local thrift store looking through the skirt rack, searching for something new and exciting that I still don't have, when I saw this skirt.  It was long, white and frilly.  It was perfect.  I loved it at once, but for some reason I left it hanging and decided to finish looking through the rack before grabbing it.  Dear friends.. don't ever do that.  I learned that the hard way.  When I turned around the skirt was gone.  It. Was. Not. There.  I was heartbroken but I saw the lady that was right behind me and I knew she took it.  I followed her around the store, waiting for her to go to the fitting room and prayed that she will leave the skirt behind.  I felt like a stalker.  The woman was in the company of her friends, all of them looking for Halloween costumes.  She was going in and out of the fitting room, trying on different outfits and this skirt remained high on her list.  Yes, I was eavesdropping... just a little..  This went on for a good half an hour.. maybe longer.  I was ready to give up.  I was ready to just buy what was in my cart and get the hell out of there.. heartbroken due to my stupidity.  And then, when I was about to take my sorry exit, I saw the skirt hanging on the rack ... abandoned.  I must have grown the wings.  I got there in an instant and I grabbed the skirt so fast I caused the nearby gentleman's eyebrow to raise.. just a little.

The moral of the story is: don't be silly; if you like it, take it.  Most importantly though.. never give up.

Black blouse with frilly trim - The Shoe Company (I was quite surprised to find such a lovely blouse there.. I went there to find shoes.)
White frilly skirt - Value Village
Black boots - Walmart couple of years ago
Fishnet arm warmers - Hot Topic
Choker - put together by me with pendant from Michaels

 This skirt was drawing so much highlight it was hard to photograph so I had to take a separate pic away from the light source.