Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ah, those Polka Dots.. gotta have them

Second post of the day!  It's unheard of!  I guess I'm on the roll today.. he he

I wanted to share with you my outfit today because it was all about polka dots and I just had to give it some spotlight.  I bought this scarf a while ago but for some reason it never worked right for me until I got these thigh highs last week and a light bulb went over my head: black outfit with polka dot scarft and polka dot thigh highs!!

There you have it.. inverted polka dot duo.  It gave me a good feeling the whole day.

Polka dot scarf: H&M
Polka dot thigh highs: Out of the Past vintage store
Black blouse: The Shoe Company (people won't believe me that I found this blouse at the shoe store.. it has a little lace trim)
Black skirt: Vintage store
Black shoes: Walmart
Black fishnet arm warmers: Spirit Halloween (adorned with my own lace trim)
Black bead necklace: gift from my Mom


  1. This is a lovely outfit. :3 Did you really find that blouse at a shoe store?!

  2. Thank you Sary! Yes, I did. I walked in there looking for shoes and after a little poking around I realized they had some clothing on the racks. This blouse was amongst it. You can't see it well in this picture but it has a little lace trim around the neckline and sleeves and a separate lace trim that cris crosses under the breast line. It's now my favorite black blouse. :)

  3. This is a great look in every way!!! The skirt hangs in such a nice way, and the positive/negative polka dots are sophisticated and interesting. The necklace is the perfect touch!