Monday, November 14, 2011

How about a beret?

Ok, you've seen most of the pieces I'm wearing today but not all together at once and you haven't seen the beret.  In a way, it's a whole new outfit. I got the beret a while ago and didn't feel a need to wear it until today.  I have pinned it with two bow clips on either side of my head to make sure it stays in place.  Good thing too because it was crazy windy today! :D

The scarf matches my tights in color to the tee..  That's just pure fun! :D  On my neck, besides scarf, I'm wearing my purple amethyst necklace, which is my birthstone and which is special.

Here is a close up so you can see the bow. :D I love hats and when the weather gets colder I like to incorporate them into my outfits.


  1. You look so lovely! :)

    I tried on a beret a couple of days ago in a shop, I think, they look so nice on other people, but I looked simply weird...:)

  2. Thank you Lynoire!! I'm sure you looked lovely.. You know, we are our own worst critics. :)