Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Outfit: Lacy blouse

I have to note something at the beginning on this post.. I saw an unusual number of tall women today, everywhere I went.  I'm a tall girl myself ( I'm 6' tall, yes I am), so I notice other tall women fast.  Today, everywhere I turned there was another lady I could look straight in the eye.  I have to say that felt rather good... :D

Now to today's outfit.  Somehow between my sick kitty and the vet visit I managed to pull off a half decent outfit and take a picture of it.  You have already seen this skirt but I don't think I ever posted this top before.  It's one of my favorites because it's all made out of black and white lace, it hugs the curves nicely and it's long.  Being a tall woman, I have issues with tops that are too short.  I usually wear this top with black or white skirt.

Black and white lace blouse - Suzy Sheer
Black skirt - Vintage shop
Black shoes - Walmart
Black fishnet arm warmers - Spirit Halloween (adorned with my own lace trim)

What you see on my neck is just an ordinary black ribbon which I tied in the back.  The necklace features an amethyst pendant (amethyst, being my zodiac birthstone, is very special to me) which I got only recently and already fell in love with.
What you can't see is that there is a black bow clip in my hair.. Looked really cute, too bad it's invisible. :)

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