Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gothic Blog Award

 Can you imagine how surprised I was when I logged on yesterday and found out that I've been given a Gothic Blog Award by The Phantom Irish Cat?  Yes, I was very surprised and honored at the same time.  Thank you very much Rebecca, you made my day!

The way it works I understand, is that now I will pass on the award to three people who's blogs I enjoy to read.  This is not an easy task because every blog that I follow is unique and interesting and I love them all.  Since I have to choose however, here are my choices:

Scarlet Rose -  Victoria is amazing at eye make up!  I love visiting her blog to check out her latest creation.  She also has a great fashion style, always looking stylish, fun and adorable.

This is CorpGoth - Very interesting blog on how to mix corporate workplace with goth fashion.  She does it extremely well and her outfits are always interesting, stylish and overall fabulous!

Linnea Maria - Linnea's bilingual blog is one of my favorites.  Her interesting DIY projects are very inspirational and I love checking them out.  She also has a lovely vintage style and passion for music and nature.

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