Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Tree

Past weekend my family and I went out to get our holiday tree.  Every year we go to the local tree farm and walk around until we find the right one.  Well, actually to be honest, we walk until I find the tree that speaks to me, lol.  My kids and husband usually make fun of me and know that the trip might be a long one and that they will probably find ten other trees they like before I pick the one that connects with me. This year was no different.

We set out in the early afternoon hours last Saturday.  It was the coldest day of the week so we had to layer up. I chose to wear my super warm and comfortable winter boots which are in no way gothy but kept my feet warm and I had no problems climbing over fallen trees, up small hills etc.  My husband bought these boots for me few years back as part of my snowmobiling outfit.  They are designed to keep feet warm even at -40 Celsius.  I've been thinking lately to look for something to decorate these boots and disguise their rather sporty look.  Some black furry boot covers of sorts maybe?

The tree looks very short and fat but it's an illusion because this is a big truck.  By the time the tree was in its stand with the star on the top it was almost at the ceiling.  We actually had to cut the bottom a bit.

I refused to participate in the usual holiday decor shopping mania this year and instead decided we needed more  hand made, natural decorations.  Earlier this fall my little girl and I went out and gathered some nice pine cones in thought of painting them and hanging them on the tree.

We also hanged some apples, cinnamon sticks, candy canes and with some plain bulbs and craft supplies we made some funny creatures for the tree.


Cinnamon sticks tied with festive ribbon

My daughter's pine cone hanging on the tree

I don't know what he is but he is adorable! :D

The family tree in it's full glory.  My little girl already put some presents under. :)
While we were out looking for a family tree, my little girl picked up a little wee tree to put up in her room.  It's still in the ground and in the spring we plan to plant it in our garden.

My little girl's tree.


  1. What a nice outfit for some tree hunting! I wasn't able to choos a tree this year, but I prefer to do it myself as you do. Your tree is wonderful! Have a merry christmas and take care!

  2. awwww... the tree is so beautiful! i like the cinnamon sticks *_*
    and i like your outfit! ^_^