Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Pretty Things and a New Found Love for Pink

As I was holiday shopping today, few pretty things happened to fall into my hands.  I'm usually good at avoiding unplanned purchases but today I had to cave in.  It all started with a pink lip liner.

I decided to try on a pink lip liner at Sephora and was surprised that it looked good.  I don't remember pink being flattering on me before, but that's probably because the last time I tried it on my hair was blonde.  With the dark hair, it looks rather interesting. 

The culprit that started it all: Sephora's Funky Fuchsia Lip Liner.  After that I had to see if I can find lipstick to match.

You guess it.  I found it.  Sephora Lip Attitude - Glamour, Poetic Pink.  Now if I could only find a perfect shade of pink for my nails.

 Bingo!  Arm Candy by O.P.I. for Sephora.  That will go great with my lips.

And just for fun and because I actually lost my last compact mirror, I pick out this one since it was on sale.  It's a pretty cool mirror, heavy, with this big purple jewel on the top and it opens like a pocket watch.  

Couple of extra purchases at Sephora which I don't have pictures of included a new blush and concealer.

Not far from Sephora I stumbled upon Forever 21 store where I found this interesting garment.  It's a lace, see through skirt, which can be worn over another skirt for added lace effect.  I had to have it. 

At Claire's I found these adorable skull earrings with white, pink or black bow depending on what your heart desire for the day.  This was another must have and fortunately for my wallet it was the last one of the day. 

And how did my holiday shopping went you might ask?  Very well actually.  Despite getting side tracked on make up, clothes and jewellery I managed to complete all that I planned for the day. :)


  1. You look pretty, your eyes are amazing!^^

  2. you really fit in that shade of pink. I dont know what the problem is with my skin but I look ridicilous in pink lipstick (I might be a bit yellow perhaps?) You found so much nice things on your shoping round. I'm a lousy shopper, I always come home with things that I was not planning to buy. Today I was out to buy christmas gift and a birthday gift for a 11 year girl. It ended up with buying the earrings for myself I was looking at and some other jewelery for her. That compact mirror is so lovely!!

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  4. The pink looks great on you! Yeah, as a blonde that shade might be a bit too perky, but with your current hair color, it's a wonderful contrast. Hey, I also recently got a sheer lace skirt at F21! :) Mine has a different waistband. So many fun possibilites with that piece!

  5. Thank you ladies!! :)

    Kitty - indeed, that sheer skirt will be fun!! :)

  6. I love everything that you bought, especially the skirt. The pink looks fabulous on you! :)