Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Purchase: First Real Corset

Yes, I am a real corset virgin, never owned one, never tried one on before yesterday.  I've looked at them online many times but I never actually took a  plunge and ordered one.  I bought a corset like top from Hot Topic before Halloween if you remember but that was not the real deal as no lacing was involved and the corset was zipped up in the back.  As I was preparing my outfits for holidays this year I thought it would be awesome to be able to include a real corset.  I wanted a plain black for starters to go with everything in my warderobe.  I found one in my local goth vintage shop yesterday.

 This first pic is me having fun with the laces last night.  I've wanted to do that for so long!! :D I honestly thing every woman should try on a corset even if only once.... It's such an experience!

The second and third pics are what I'm wearing today:
Black and white lace top from Suzy Sheers
Black bolero from my local vintage shop
Black skirt with rose print from my local local vintage shop
My new Demonia Trump shoes from Sinister Soles
Living Dead Souls corset from my local goth vintage shop.

As you can see there is still a wide gap in the back.   With time and considering I still have 5-10 lbs to lose, this gap is going to get smaller but with a nice top underneath it looks rather beautiful.

Now that I have a corset for my holiday outfit, I can start searching for more.  Different styles and colors, under bust and over bust. I definitely need under bust corset next.  I'm interested in hearing your opinions of online corset stores.  Which one would you recommend?


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through Sophisticate Noir. What a lovely layout you have and some great outfits!
    Plastic boned corsets are fun, but just wait till you get a steel boned one! They can perform miracles on a girl's figure! :)

  2. Thanks Hexotica, welcome to my blog!! :) Yes, that's the next step.. the steel boned one. I've seen some nice ones online, some expensive and some not so much. I can't believe I've waited this long to get one, I've been missing out. :D

  3. Georgeous!

    I always recommend Gallery Serpentine, especially to first-wearers. They are cheap compared to makers in the US, and do faux-steel and proper steel boning. However, if you get the opportunity, try going somewhere where you can get fitted in person.

  4. You look gorgeous! Congratulations on taking the first step into corsetry!

    I second Kitty's recommendation of Gallery Serpentine. They make the best quality corsets of my collection. I've worn my GS underbust probably more than a hundred times over the past 10 years and it's like brand new. I also have one each from Timeless Trends and Corset Story: both are fairly new so I can't say how they'll stand the test of time, but they are sturdy and lovely, and about half the price of Gallery Serpentine, so they would make great "starter" corsets when you are ready to jump into the world of steel boning.

    Also, IMO, underbust corsets are more comfortable than overbust, and also more versatile for styling in a variety of ways. You'll definitely want a selection of both, once the addiction fully takes hold. ;)