Sunday, December 11, 2011

Polka Dot Nails

I've wanted to have polka dot nails for a while now but didn't know exactly how could I pull it off.  I've tried using several different tiny brushes that I own but the results were never what I wanted.  Couple of weeks ago I noticed a Sally Hansen product in Walmart and I almost jumped for joy.  The nail art pen! It comes in several different colors and you can paint whatever your heart's desire on your nails.

 I decided to give it a try and so far I love it!  I bought two different colors: black and red.  For my first time I decided to do red polka dots on black OPI nail polish.  The look is quite dramatic as you can see.  

I really love the look of lime green with black and sadly I don't have any green in my wardrobe or cosmetics to do that.  I decided to start with nail polish and go on a hunt for that perfect shade of green that I envisioned.  To my surprise it wasn't that easy.  I guess Halloween is over and not all the stores carry bright lime green nail polish.  Walmart and Sally Hansen came to my rescue yet again although I'm not particularly thrilled with this green nail polish because the brush is unnecessarily big.  Somehow I managed to put it on rather neatly and with black polka dots the nails look fun and exactly what I wanted. 

When my daughter saw what I was doing with my nails she asked I do the same for her.  What's better than mother and daughter with matching nails?

There you go.. Funky polka dot nails for the nail art lover in you. :)

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