Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Kitties in My Space

I love cats. Live cats and not so live cats like cat sculptures, cat art, etc.  That's why when I go to my favorite thrift shop I always check the shelves for interesting cat trinkets and curiosities.   Every once in a while I happen to pick up something and I usually stick it in my home office.

Beautiful wooden sculpture, my favorite.

Ceramic cat trio.  I saw these guys sitting on the shelf and just couldn't pass them by.

Ceramic Bastet.  My office would not be whole without an Egyptian Feline Goddess .  One of must haves of mine.

There is even a spooky cat on my monitor... couldn't resist.

And the biggest cat curiosity in my home office is of course Hercules, my two year old cat who just loves jumping up on the back rest of my chair and rest there.  Sometimes I have my headphones on and he just freaks me out when he does that... but I find it so adorable that he just gets away with it. :) 

Yes, there was once a time when he lost balance and was hanging by his claws off the back.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of that.



  1. I love your Bastet statute and Hercules is beautiful!

    Cats are just the most amazing creatures! I love nothing more than to just sit and watch them because they have the funniest ways. I have a cat and my mother has one, the two neighbours cats come in and the cat from up the road comes in too.

    Its a full house!

    1. Thank you Rebecca!! Wow.. that is a lot of kitties for sure! I love to have lots of kitties around but Hercules is kind of a loner... Over the holidays we had three other cats visiting: my daughters' two kittens and my son's adult cat... Hercules got so stressed out he developed some kind of inflammation in the mouth. I couldn't believe it when my vet told me. I have to say though.. the kittens were very hyper and were competing with Hercules for his food... all the time.. lol

  2. Cute kitties! Unfortunately we cannot have real cats so I have to do like you collect them in fake form.
    Cats really make a better atmosphere to the home

    1. Thank you! Oh.. I'm sorry you can't have a real kitty, they are such a joy. :)

  3. I have the same ceramic cat trio. Exactly the same one.